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A journey for
the taste buds

Conquering the world, one bite at a time

Bistros, tascas and small eateries would serve any type of drink and some popular classic French dishes. Although these eateries have evolved, they keep their essence intact: they're simple, affordable and romantic, seducing even the most distinguished clientele. Atempo wants to uphold this philosophy by taking French classics over the borders and putting our stamp on the dishes that define and give shape to international cuisine. Our small bistro came into being to whet your appetite so that you can conquer the world, one bite at a time.

The Atempo



Quim Gabarró started out in the world of hospitality at 16 years of age. He combined his professional cookery studies at the Joviat school with working at the El Noguers restaurant in Manresa, Barcelona. He later worked at the El Velódromo in Barcelona for a year and was later chef de partie at ABaC for six years. He has been managing Atempo restaurant since December.


Nerea Chacón holds a degree in Social Education and is a certified Sommelier at CETT School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy. She started working as assistant sommelier at Caelis restaurant in 2014 and later worked at Gaig restaurant. In 2016, she started at Àbac and after eight months took on the role as sommelier and maître d' at Atempo.


The name Atempo comes from the Spanish word atemporal, which perfectly defines the timelessness of our cuisine.

The space


Just picture it: at centre stage stands Gilda, the diva, who livens up our feast with her velvety voice to the sound of swing. At the piano, Bill elegantly caresses its keys. The paparazzi battle it out among themselves to capture snapshots of famous diners, while a pair of thugs are onside to keep order. Jimmy is ready to make the delivery. The capo greets his guests and Jack is about to give the police a tip-off. Meanwhile, Becky offers us some cigarettes to round off the party.

It could be a scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

The best pairings

Is there anything better than enjoying each dish with the best-paired wine? The number next to each dish on our menu is a wine recommendation. You can order a different glass for each dish or simply choose a bottle from our wine list.

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Si quieres aprender, tienes la posibilidad de realizar un stage en uno de nuestros restaurantes durante un mínimo de 4 meses.

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